Project Brief

The University of Georgia Inaugural Hackathon was an event calling hackers from all fields to come together and create a product from concept to completion over the course of 3 nonstop days. The product could be anything, the only limit was each team’s imagination. There were back-end coders, front-end developers, designers, strategists, and people there to just enjoy the show. At the end of the 3 days, each team presented their project in a fair-like setting. Judges chose a Top 8, who were then invited to present their projects to the entire event.

The Challenge

My team decided to bridge the gap between sign language and new media by attempting to build a web application capable of recognizing, analyzing, and interpreting American Sign Language into words, and vice versa. My responsibility for the three days was to act as both Designer and Front-End Developer. I was tasked with creating the branding for our web application, as well as building an interactive and dynamic website from scratch using HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

The Solution

Developed from the API of a company called Clarifai, Digits will recognize, analyze, and interpret American Sign Language into words. Through the implementation of Clarifai’s advanced image recognition systems, Digits is an intuitive application with a myriad of capabilities. Our vision is of a system created primarily to seek continuous improvement to translate the unthinkable.

Logo and Identity Design

Website Design