Custom Calligraphy and Hand Lettering

Custom calligraphy and lettering can be used in a variety of designs to enhance uniqueness and create a hand-crafted feel. The price for custom calligraphy and lettering varies between services. Each package will focus on a specific style of calligraphy/lettering selected by you (modern calligraphy, watercolor, brush pen, etc.).

Which Calligraphy Service Best Fits Your Needs?

Wedding Calligraphy

Custom calligraphy adds that special touch to your big day. My hand lettered wedding services are tailored to fit your vision.

Calligraphy Branding

Make your brand stand out in a way that’s both unique and memorable. Custom calligraphy is the perfect fit for a feminine business that wants to instantly show their personality.

Calligraphy for Weddings

Envelope Addressing

Single Envelope: $3 each

Double Envelopes: $4 each

Return Address: $2 for two lines, $1 for each additional line

Additional Items: $1 each additional line

Colored Envelopes: +$0.50 each

Colored Ink: $25 one time fee



“Day of” Materials

Place Cards (Name Only): $2 each

Escort Cards (Name + Table): $2.50 each

Table Numbers

Number Only: $3 each

Word: $4 each


Large Signs

Seating Chart: $50/hour

Available on paper, chalkboard, wood, or acrylic

Large Signs: Starting at $60+

Available on paper, chalkboard, wood, or acrylic

Small Signs: Starting at $25+

Available on paper, chalkboard, wood, or acrylic

Chalk/Acrylic Menu: Starting at $30 + $2 per line/item



Invitation Design

Spot (Partial) Calligraphy: Starting at $250


  • Invitation & RSVP Design
  • 2 Revisions

Additional Revisions: $40 each

Calligraphy of Just 2 Names: $100


Menu Only

Spot Calligraphy: $60

Full Calligraphy: $100


Spot Calligraphy: $45

Full Calligraphy: $60

Calligraphy for Branding

Calligraphy for Brand Design

Logo Calligraphy:

Calligraphy Brand Elements:

Business Card Calligraphy:

Direct Mail Advertising

Want your client’s attention? I can help with that.

Did you know you can get triple the response rate with hand addressed envelopes?

It’s true – hand addressed envelopes see a 99% open rate, and placing handwriting in key areas of your direct mail advertising can boost response rates by 5 – 10%!

You can’t afford not to send your direct mail in hand addressed envelopes. Impress your customers today with custom calligraphy addressing for envelopes.

Don’t believe me? See the results for yourself – first-time clients take 10% off the total cost of your order.